We Are Outspoken

Outspoken Women is a resource for women and non-binary individuals in the open source tech industry by providing them with support, mentorship programs and financial scholarships to speak at events seeking underrepresented speakers and attendees.

Why We're Here

Diversity at Tech Events

We want women to feel comfortable attending tech events.

By raising awareness about the lack of female speakers and attendees at events, and providing talented speakers, we hope to serve as a resource for event organizers.

Resources for Speakers

We provide resources to speakers who need them.

We offer a mentorship program to help encourage new speakers and financial travel scholarships to women asked to speak at events requiring travel and lodging.

Latest Members

April Sides
Event Organizer
Miriam Goldman
Rian Rietveld
MidCamp Organizers
Event Organizer
Lian Li
Raffaella Isidori

Latest News

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Seeking Outspoken Volunteers

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Outspoken Women at WordCamp US

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Awesome Sponsors

The resources we offer would not be possible without the amazing contributions from our sponsors.

For more information on sponsoring, please check out our Sponsor page.

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