Ambassadors are volunteers that attend events to share and support our mission with event attendees. They are our feet-on-the-ground representation for Outspoken Women. Things that ambassadors may do at events include:

  • Be a supportive person for underrepresented attendees. You would do this by saying hello, inviting them to eat lunch with you and including them in activities to ensure they feel welcome and valued at the event.
  • Attend sessions being presented by underrepresented speakers, absorb their words of wisdom, take photos and share them on social media tagging Outspoken Women’s social accounts as well as using the #OutspokenWoman or #OutspokenWomen.
  • Interview 1-2 speakers using templated interview questions, but allowing them to expand on the questions however they choose. In a perfect world, these interviews would be arranged before the event so the speakers can mentally prepare for them.
  • Bring stickers or any other swag we have available to the event and hand them out or add them to any community tables that may be available.
  • Introduce yourself to the event organizers and possibly volunteer, where time allows, or help with other initiatives that support the Outspoken Women mission.
  • Have fun. Network, meet people and spread the word about Outspoken Women and our mission!
  • Request an Ambassador

    Complete the following for to request an ambassador at your event. We do ask that you provide a free ticket for our ambassador, when possible.

      Not a requirement, just sometimes applicable if we do not have any local ambassadors.
  • Become an Ambassador

    If you are interested in representing Outspoken Women when you are at events, please complete the form below. If you attend Open Source events anyways, it’s a great way to get a free event ticket and a reason to network with a lot of awesome people.

    Complete our Volunteer application to become an ambassador.