Outspoken Women’s mission is to take down barriers for public speakers in open source tech. A part of that mission means creating a space where aspiring speakers can confidently deliver their first or 20th presentation, through the aid of mentorship.

Our mentorship program provides an opportunity to connect an aspiring speaker to an experienced speaker and build a relationship. Once the connection is made, the mentor and mentee can choose how best to follow through with that relationship. Some mentees need confidence, some need speaker slide preparation, some just have questions. Not all relationships are the same so this connection allows you to customize your mentorship experience.

If you are interested in being partnered with a mentor, please complete the form below and we will work to find your perfect match.

  • What role do you play in your career? What technologies do you use? Tell us more about you so we can find a mentor in your same industry space.
  • Fear of public speaking, slide preparation, abstract creation, etc.
  • What timezone are you in? Country? What language do you speak?