Travel Scholarships

Our two core missions are diversity at tech events and resources for speakers. We consider these missions in everything we do. In evaluating why there is a lack of women speakers at open source tech conferences, we realized that financial struggle was a common issue. Some women are mothers, some are wives, some are caregivers in other ways and are not always able to afford the travel expenses or afford the travels expenses and any fees for caregiving they may need while they are gone. Outspoken Women wants to help women speakers overcome as many hurdles necessary to ensure we have more diversity at tech conferences and events.  For these very reasons, we have created a scholarship program for speakers. When someone is asked to speak at an event and travel costs are a concern, they can apply for a scholarship to help with those expenses.


You will read in our approval process that we can not approve applications until we have the funds available. For this reason, we appreciate any donations that are made to these funds. If there is a positive balance of funds, we can approve scholarship applications almost immediately. Not all events have the capacity to wait for an answer from the speaker and without an approved scholarship, they are forced to say no.

*All donations will be showcased on our supporters page.

Apply for a Scholarship

While our website is under construction, please email us directly to apply for a scholarship.

Approval Process

If funds are available immediately, applications can be approved in as little as 12-24 hours. If funds are not available, and fundraising is required, applications can take days to weeks for approval. All applications are reviewed by our team and verified with event organizers before approved. Please inform your event organizers, when necessary, to make the approval process easier for everyone.