Rian Kinney

Founder of Kinney Firm and eCommLegal, Rian is an attorney, legal consultant and published author. She  represents and advises founders and businesses of every size, from freelancers to enterprise; across industries in the areas of intellectual property, e-commerce, privacy and corporate law, as well as business and marketing strategy. Actively engaged in the Open Source …

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Kerch McConlogue

Kerch McConlogue has been building sites with WordPress since 2005, for her own sites,  dozens sites of nonprofit organizations and small businesses.   Her clients say: “She listens to my questions and I can understand her answers!” Kerch speaks plain-English to nonGeeks. Find her on the web at WeFixBrokenWebsites.com

Sandy Edwards

Owner of Data Driven Labs, WordPress Developer, and Educator. She loves helping kids find their passion with technology.

Tessa Kriesel

Building community and teaching come naturally to dog-lover and Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon, Tessa Kriesel. She wears many hats in her life — all with sass and finesse — including founder of Outspoken Women and Coders of TMRW. Tessa has spoken on many topics, including helping beginners with their development workflows, mentorship, building communities, and shedding …

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